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BELTAPHARM S.p.A. was started in 1982 by a team of entrepreneurs with experience in the pharmaceutical field. Its scope is the production by contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals for human. These are produced in the commonest pharmaceutical forms, mainly as generics (ex galenics), for export outside Europe (Africa, Asia and Latin America). Beltapharm S.p.A is approved as third-party manufacturer by several Italian and European companies for the production of pharmaceuticals in liquid and semi-solid forms, with a particular emphasis on steroid-based products like: cream,ointments and gels, both for human and veterinary use.

Situated at first in Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Beltapharm relocated the pharmaceutical factory and registered office to a new industrial site in Cusano Milanino (MI), Via Stelvio 66, in 1989, in order to introduce more technologically advanced production lines.  Between June and December 2002, the pharmaceutical factory underwent a complete restructuring to achieve a definitive logistic reorganization as well as further compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice norms. The facility’s FDA and TGA approval, obtained in September 2013, repaid the efforts and investments done in the past.

This site provides a clear description of technical production details for each respective department. 

An effective and efficient planning, supported by optimized productive processes, based on standard batch, allows to meet promptly the delivery times of finished products at low cost. Besides being specialized in production of semisolids (steroids, and non steroids) and liquids, the company is able to provide the customers with: stability studies, according to ICH, analysis and validations of analytic methods and processes.

The pharmaceutical factory has undergone several audits by both Italian and foreign customers, with positive results. The last inspection by the Italian Medicines Agency dates 2013.

Beltapharm  is a supplier of important companies and  charity organizations  (such as: UNICEF, Clinton Foundation, etc.).